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4 Best Health & Fitness Apps

We all know we should be exercising for health and fitness. It reduces stress, makes you stronger and improves your quality of life. Its great to have somebody help you along the way. But what if you don’t have somebody along for the ride?

There’s an app for that.


This is my go nutrition app. MyFitnessPal is basically a calorie counter. You can tell it what your goal is (like lose weight or stay fit) and it will spit out some daily and monthly calorie targets you can hit.

You are able to set up daily macronutrient goals to make sure your staying on track. It will also give you reminders throughout the day to make sure you are noting down your meals and lets you know if you go over/under any nutrients for the day. MyFitnessPal has a great degree of customisation, allowing you to adjust number of meals, macronutrients and even create your own recipes. It’s especially a great app if you are tracking food intake during a dieting period.

It integrates with lots of other apps making it a health and fitness hub of sorts (in fact, I think many people were hoping Apple’s Health app would be more like MyFitnessPal, although they can share data between them). SecondsPro

This is a great app for setting timers and intervals, a must for any HIIT training. It allows you to set up any number of custom timers and save them. It also comes with a bunch of pre set timers that you can jump straight into. It makes sounds and vibrations to notify you when your timer has expired, meaning you could even leave your phone on the floor when doing sprinting in the park.


A very useful app for any cardio based training. You are able to plan routes and it tracks all the useful information such as speed, distance etc. Also great because you can integrate it with your Apple Watch and MyFitnessPal making it a good team player. If you like tracking data like me, then this is a must have for runners.

Activity App (Apple)

This is Apple’s staple health and fitness app. I can’t compare it to other Android smart phone fitness apps, but I can tell you its extremely useful and helps me stay on track. Best when paired with the Apple Watch, this will track calories, exercise and even how many standing breaks you have taken (great for 9-5 desk jobs!). It will prompt you to stick to the goals you have set throughout the day on the watch/phone, giving you valuable accountability.

You can set it up to track data (calories, distance etc) for specific workouts such as sprinting, walking, elliptical and spinning. The app also rewards you with various medals giving you targets to shoot for, making sure your staying on track.

That sums it up. My 4 appsolutely must have apps for your health and fitness. Enjoy!

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