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Fitness Formula is located in Fulham, Eel Brook Common. This is a fantastic venue to train with plenty of open space and flat ground. This allows us to use a variety of equipment with a variety of classes to choose from.


 We offer a range of different classes to keep workouts varied and give people a chance to train all facets of strength and fitness.

If you are viewing on a mobile device then you can view the class timetable at a glance here.

You can purchase memberships, see the class timetable and manage all class bookings via the the Glofox App. When prompted, type in Fitness Formula.










   Train for a stronger and fitter body. Plenty of exercise variation including kettlebells, weights and ropes to make you leaner, stronger, faster. You will hit muscles in your body you never know you had. 


High intensity intervals in short sharp bursts to intensively work your body. Improves overall fitness and endurance whilst burning your bodyfat.



Work every muscle in your body ​with full body workouts to shape and tone your body. Build strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility.



Challenge yourself to take up a mixture of exercises to work your core. Work the trunk of your body to improve core stability, strength and tone tone your waistline.

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