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Hi my name is Adam and I've been working in fitness since 2012, personal training clients from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Most of my time personal training was one-on-one and small groups outdoors.

Training outdoors gives you the flexibility of time and location as well as a range of diverse exercises to choose from.


As much as I enjoyed one-on-one personal training, I quickly realised that the best way to help more people was... to train more people! What I really wanted to create was an exceptional training environment that was fun, challenging and varied. So I created Fitness Formula, where I can deliver high quality training to a larger group of people with varying abilities. People have access to all facets of strength and fitness to give people all the tools they need achieve the body they want.

It was important to create a variety of classes not just to ensure you have access to a whole range of exercises to train for the complete body, but to give you variety to choose what you enjoy most.

Working in a busy city like London means it can be difficult to fit in exercise. So we offer both 30 minute and 45 minute sessions on all classes without compromising quality.

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When it came to designing sessions the mission was clear; to give people the most efficient and effective exercises in the shortest time possible. Expect tough and challenging workouts with some soreness the next day!

Each of the 4 classes that we run all emphasise working on one area of your body - strength, fitness, endurance and core to make sure you can train all facets of health and fitness to work towards achieving the complete body that looks great and functions well too.

All this whilst creating a great atmosphere and togetherness in the group sessions makes for a unique place to train. 

I hope you can be part of it too!

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